Independent Projects

These personal projects were done for friends, loved ones, or just for fun.  An Anecdote, below, was created using Adobe Character Animator and After Effects.

The Way

This 20" x 30" poster combines a retro aesthetic with modern design tools. The artworks is composed entirely using digital imagery and digital paint brushes. Letters were "hand drawn" electronically and text from scripture was laid over the image and warped to suggest bends in the fabric.

Close up detail.

Vector Portrait Series.

Images rendered with Adobe Illustrator depicting some of my favorite people!

A Still Small Voice

A Still Small Voice is a collection of whispers of the Holy Spirit recorded during prayer meetings at Radiant Church. The pages were laid out in Adobe InDesign and printed on speckled paper in sets of 16 page signatures. The signatures were hand stitched and glued using a book-binding technique similar to kettle stitching. Several copies of the book were created, each with a unique cover.

Are You Better Than the Sun?

This quotation poster was designed with World Unity, an international non-profit, in mind. I was inspired by the phrase and couldn't resist creating this poster. This artwork was created with Adobe Illustrator.

Revelation Revolution

I wanted to experiment with some features in Adobe After Effects, so I used the phrase "Revelation Revolution" and created this animation to depict it.

Come Away

This lyric video, created with AfterEffects, gives life and animation to Jesus Culture's Come Away.

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