Pregnancy Resource Center

The Pregnancy Resource Center of Beatrice was undergoing some changes. With a new director and a new location, we needed a re-branding to fit the new direction. This new logo kept the purple color from the prior brand, but had a more sophisticated look. The heart and the heartbeat symbolize the beating heart of an unborn baby and the love of all human life.

As the executive director, I was responsible for all of the day to day operations of the center, in addition to overseeing the programs and services, I created all of the marketing materials. These business cards correspond with the overall brand identity. 

This tri-fold brochure was distributed at events to potential clients and donors. The colors, line styles, fonts, and shapes correspond to the overall brand identity. Images and shapes continue from one panel to the next creating a cohesive design.

An annual fundraising banquet was among one of the mailers that we sent out. This postcard design included a front and back. 

Media Creator

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