Radiant Church

Radiant Church in Lincoln, Nebraska seeks to create an environment where God can do anything and anything is possible. I worked with Radiant Church on many print, web, and video materials for a variety of programs and events.

The website is updated to a modern platform with a contemporary look. It is instrumental to provide a first impression of the church, as most congregants visit the website before attending service. It features an archive of sermon videos, a cut from a recent exhortation, links to social media outlets, information about programs, and opportunities to sign up for an email list or send a contact form. 

This design features the church's slogan. I made it available on a hoodie and a t-shirt.

This Radiant Connect logo is the basis of branding for a ministry of small group meetings. The circles represent the individual groups and the lines indicated connectivity. The modern aesthetic is appealing to younger audiences. This graphic has been included in brand identity on training completion certifications, bulletin inserts, and other announcements.

Expect a Miracle.

This animation was created and used in settings such as overhead projection, sharing on Facebook, included on the church website, and displayed on a digital sign. The goal was to use the graphic to encourage onlookers that with God, all things are possible.

This graphic & animation was created and used in several mediums and conveys the church's slogan. 

A new preschool children's church was beginning and needed a fun, inviting look for the name of the new class. 

Radiant Sunshine
Digital Sign Messages

These are a few of the messages I created to display on the church's outdoor digital sign. The digital sign is a full color 10 mm sign on the corner of a busy Lincoln intersection.

Media Creator

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