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Radiant Christian Academy

Radiant Christian Academy & Infant Daycare was transitioning into new ownership. The new ownership required a new brand identity. I created this new logo with bright colors to fit with a child-friendly environment. Because a cross is the primary symbol of the Christian faith, it was appropriate to use in the logo. To present the symbol in a new and fresh way, I used negative space between four shapes to form the cross. A graduation cap was included to symbolize the quality education that the organization provides.


I created this website as a primary marketing tool for Radiant Christian Academy. The home page features the organization's tag line, some reviews, and photos. Also featured on the site is information for parents including staff and photos of the facility. 


This tri-fold brochure serves as a supplement to the website. The colors, line styles, fonts, and shapes correspond to the overall brand identity. Care was taken for continuity of design between each panel, with lines and photos spanning between them. 

Business Cards.jpg

I designed business cards congruent to the emerging brand identity.


I worked with a local sign company and requested signs be placed on the premise with an identical style as existing signs. 


I made a variation of the logo for applications such as single color or vinyl cut-outs.

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